Yukan Fuji (夕刊フジ) blog

Yukan Fuji, a popular Japanese evening print newspaper targeted at males of 30’s – 50’s, has its own blog: Yukan Fuji Blog or 夕刊フジBLOG. Attracting new readers by having the well positioned links (upper left corner) in the default google.co.jp’s personalized homepage:


While Yukan Fuji is a member of Fujisankei Communications Group, one of the most prestigious and traditional media conglomerates in Japan, what I like about this blog is that it is amazingly open and transparent, allowing both comments and trackbacks to the public.(not sure if they’d moderate comments and trackbacks). Anyway, as it proclaims, it is the first media in Japan (I think they mean among “old” media) to have its official blog.

UPDATE: In its follow up, Yukan Fuji acknowledges that blogging would complement the timeliness of reporting, which print newspaper falls short of. But hey, it is not only timeliness but also a variety of media format the print media can provide and in the age of exploding YouTube, Yukan Fuji blog definitely needs: video. No?