Shaberu! Nintendo DS Oryouri navi tvc (15″)

Shaberu (meaning “Speak”) Nintendo DS Cooking Navi literally speaks and navigates you through the course of cooking you have chosen from about 200 kinds of home-made cooking items. It looks quite interactive. The TVC features Nikujaga, 肉じゃが, one of the most popular Japanese menu.

Turned out to be the Christmas present for my daughter who seems to have settled, since my wife and I had convinced her that even Santa Claus could not get Wii for Christmas. So,..

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wii day1 olympic shimomaruko, tokyo, japan

This morning I was gonna wake up very early to see if I am lucky enough to get one of those WIIs from Nintendo launching today. I could only wake up like 8 am and visit Olympic store nearby with White (Jack Russel Terrier).

At first I thought I was lucky to find there are only four people on the line (see the pic below) .

wii day1 olympic shimomaruko

It turned out they have allocated only four units to this store. So I gave up. I am not sure if Wii is really popular or is this just the matter of marketing tactics? Anyway, it is selling like JPY 36,000 over its retail price JPY 25,000 at Japan’s larget auction at Yahoo.

P.S. I myself don’t play game at all but I am tempted to get one of those cause my wife and daughter love it.

Update: Ouch! My wife has just informed me that my daughter has asked Santa Claus to get WII on Dec 24th.