CNET Japan makes a typo

CNET Japan makes a typo: It is not ブロイグ (bloigu), it is ブログ (blog). Yes I think typo is more tolerable in blogging; not sure it is tolerable for Main Stream Madia (MSN) especially when they are proud of being so. Not sure if CNET Japan fits into this category. Hope by the time people will read the post, the typo will be amended.

The blog post title when I saw was: 人気ブイログRocketboomの内部騒動–アマンダが真相を語る

Update: sorry, it was my mistake. now I understand by ブイログ they meant vlog. right? Appologies.

for the long haul

Though I don’t understand English at a deep cultural level, to me it is learningful when Mike Arrington of Tech Crunch sensed it during the podshow at Gillmor Gang that Amanda might be leaving Rocketboom. According to Mike, whenever someone says about something that ends with “in for the long haul,” she or he might be leaving. After all he was right. That podshow is worth listening if you are interested in the future of advertising/media, to which I don’t make a link as Steve Gillmor might not like it. (please google : gillmor gang amanda ).