It is out of your expertise

I don’t see any point some industrial management professor providing the analysis, no matter how excellent it is, on why Zico Japan failed at the FIFA world cup. Especially when it is all over. Please focus on what you need to focus.

Update: For the record, I already pinged a trackback to the origial post at :
Yet it has not appeared in their tb section yet; not quite sure if it will appear any sooner.

Update2: I have confirmed there is one trackback made on that post, which is not mine. That means, they, for one reason or another, didn’t want a trackback link from their post to mine. What exactly is the problem with my post? Tell me. If you can not deal with negative post, if you can not embrace the open conversation, you are DEAD!

What was it the original article about ? – INNOVATION? Not sure how you guys gonna innovate without having an open conversation. Good luck!

Update3: Incidentally, Mr Sasahara, a journalist an employee at advertising section at Nikkei Newspaper, which is the parent comapany of Nikkei BP, has been reportedly arrested for insider information and immediately fired by the company today.

Why hesitate?

Among Japan’s major newspapers, Yomiuri, Asahi, and Nikkei, I could not find any XML or RSS guidances in their respective top pages, whereas it is so easy with nytimes.  

On the other hand, both (my yahoo) and Google ( personalized page ) make it easy to add Asahi and Nikkei feeds in their RSS feeds readers.  This morning, I found it very hard to add asahi and nikkei feeds into my, which I have been using since then.  Finally I was able to add them only after I googled (for example) “nikkei rss.”  Why would the Japanese newspapers hesitate to promote RSS feeds?