I looked up Marvin Gaye in mahalo.com

Here is the result. http://www.mahalo.com/Marvin_Gaye

Pretty nice!, it has the links to YouTube and Flickr as well as Wikipedia.

No entry yet for http://www.mahalo.com/Luther_Vandross ? It’s human dependent. Not sure if the entry be made by July 1, Luther’s anniversary.

UPDATE: WOW! It has the Luther’s entry the next day I posted. What a quick response, not sure if they’d read this post. mahalo.com says top 10,000 search by man made content. Note one difference with squidoo.com is that mahalo.com bases its content on “top 10000” search result and hence cares about scalability (how to scale the business), while squidoo.com lets lens master to choose what he or she wants to write about.

I am preprating mahalo.com for Japanize.