“Everything is miscellaneous” 「全てがその他」 - Weinberger

Jeff Jarvis interviews Weinberger, whose new book titled “Everything is miscellaneous ” is soon to be published.

I think the folksonomy provides the new perspective for marketers alike on what consumers think about something. In the old days of marketing, we used to assess this kind of information via marketing survey where open-end questions are asked and answers are summarized by a coder who specifically assigns particular phrase or word for each group of similar answers (that assignment obviously biased by a coder) . But now, as I see, it is done by users instead of coders, in a way automated by the technology called tagging.

The book sounds interesting and so I’ve just reserved the book at amazon.co.jp アマゾンジャパン:

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Update: Presumably on the same day, Jeff Jarvis and Weinberger on the same panel (“Can Brands Get Away with “Buzz Marketing” in the Blogosphere “) at AO Media NYC.

The way toward my mixi request (a.k.a., maimiku request)

In mixi, people get to know each other gradually. Like any other SNS, in MIXI too, somehow it is important to express the self by uploading photo, decorating profiles, and joining communities, and exchanging messages with the new friends.

Ashiato (the foot print left on your page with a time stamp by a visitor) also makes it easy for you to initiate the discussion conversation with a visitor; also note quite a few Japanese welcome messages in their ashiato notebook when you visit their page and don’ t like it when you leave their page without saying anything.

ぺったん (pettan) is an imitative word for foot print.


By the time you’ve done all of these things at mixi, maybe it’s time for you to request for my mixi (a.k.a. maimiku request.) When she or he approves your request, the two of you are identified as maimiku (the orkut equivalent of add me as a friend) and each face will appear other’s facebook.

User interface is a passion

“User interface is a passion.”

No, he didn’t use that phrase in his presentation. Or, might not even think so by himself. But that’s what I read from the presentation made by the founder of del.icio.us, Joshusa Schachter. Somewhat technical, but nothing technical in the spirit, worth listenning even if you are not a web programmer (and I am not) but seriously concerned with the user interface of any consumer technology tool. Follow the link the future of web apps for MP3 audio (about 40 minutes, February 2006), via himadzu blog.

And here is Steve Rubel’s interview with Joshusa Schatcher, December 2005, for your reference.

mixi reached over 3 millon membership

According to the company press release (in Japanese), MIXI has reached over 3-million membership. Addiotional 1 million have just been added over the past 84 days since December 2005. If you are interested in MIXI, please also visit my lens at squidoo.

Here is interesting MIXI user profile included in the press release:


membership growth, originally uploaded by okusour.


age mix, originally uploaded by okusour.

Update: I’ve found, via furl, quite an interesting post by a 43-year old Japanese guy (hey, I am 42 now:)), blogging about MIXI in English.

Age group
10’   6.0%  (4.9%)  [4.2%]
20~24 37.2% (33.8%) [28.8%]
25~29 26.4% (28.4%) [30.3%]
30~34 16.1% (17.6%) [19.6%]
35~39  7.1%  (7.7%)  [8.7%]
40~44  3.2%  (3.5%)  [3.8%]
45~49  1.4%  (1.4%)  [1.5%]
50~   2.6%  (2.7%)  [3.1%]
*inside ( ) stats as of Dec 2005 when the size was 200 million, inside [ ], as of August 2005 when the size was 100 million
Male  51.1% (52.2%) [55.2%]
Female 48.9% (47.8%) [44.8%]

March     600
April     4,300
May    10,000
Jun    21,000
July    36,000
Aug    56,000
Sep    81,000
Oct   118,000
Nov   157,000
Dec   207,000

Jan 2005   257,000
Feb    328,000
Mar    402,000
Apr    494,000
May    588,000
Jun   708,000
Jul    843,000
Aug   1,000,000
Sep   1,168,000
Oct  1,379,000
Nov   1,654,000
Dec   1,948,000

Jan 2006   2,238,000
Feb   2,626,000
Mar    3,003,000
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[not] Technorati JP is translating your tag into Japanese.

Update: It seems simply Technorati reads the category name for Tag.  I confirmed all of the Japanese posts retured under tag =”Cell phone” had the category name “cell phone” in their blogs.  Apologies for the wrong information.


Isn’t it cool when technorati.jp translates your technorati tag of English into Japanese.

For example, technorati tag of “cell phone” returns not only Tag=cell phone but also Tag=携帯 (“keitai”, the Japanese equivalent of “cell phone.”).
Here you go  (The “Posts_in” field of the technorati result page must be either all or Japanese).

Not sure if that is the reason my inbound links from technorai.jp increased quite a lot over the past few days.

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social media map

I know the 2 x 2 matrix is a time-honored way of dressing up the banal idea.  But somehow I just felt like mapping the social media in relation to traditional media/web in a 2×2 matrix. The X-axis is Contents Owner and the Y-axis is Size of Choice Set. Hope the map is self-explanatory.  Nothing is new here.

Technorati Top 100 (in Japanese)

ブログ検索のリーディングカンパニーである、テクノラティ (technorati)が公表しているTOP100をのぞいてみました。ほとんどが英語のブログなのですが結構日本のサイトも混じっててびっくり。たし か、最近どっかの記事(*) に転載されててその時もそう思ったんだけど - スペイン語、ポルトガル語、ドイツ語、フランス語、イタリア語、中国 語、韓国語とかのブログだってここには混じっていてもよさそうなのに、ほとんどが英語なのです。そのなかで、100個中の8個というのは大健 闘ではないか?(見落としがあったらごめんなさい。)

またこのランキングは多分、随時更新されていると思うので、時間とともにランクもかわると思われます。一番、健闘してるのが「生協の白石さん」とは驚きですね。本が売れてるとは聞いてましたが。。22. がんばれ生協の白石さん

32. 真鍋かをりのここだけの話

42. @NEWS

45. 鉄馬てきとーう日記

69. Excite 世界びっくりニュース



99. 古田敦也公式ブログ

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(*) Linkology, New York via Guy Kawasaki, それにしても、アメリカ人が漢字で書かれたブログを見てもそれが日本語なのか中国語なのかの判断がつかないみたいですネ。けっこう間違ってます。。このブログもどっかにはっきりと、JAPANESEっていれとかなきゃ。