John Battelle Keynote at DMA06 in San Fran

Digitizing customer, the third phase of digitizing everyhing continuum (Back office => Front office =>Digitize customer), is now what google and other search engine are driving us to.


Digitizing customer might be happening here, too:


He laid out five mega (web2.0) principles that are taking place:

  • Web Platform (not PC a platform)
  • Architecture of participation (now more generally known as User in charge, User generated content, User in control)
  • Lightweight models (word of mouth, that is)
  • Innovation in Assembly (as Dell and Amazon proved)
  • The Long Tail (now famous)
  • Content is KingBefore search, content was a proxy for audience. After search, audience declares intent; then, content finds audience. Intent drives content; content disintegrates. Search drives audience toward social media. Traditional marketing was ruled by distribution; now attention is not ruled by distribution instead now ruled by search and social media.References: Attention Economy and the NetHe also emphasized that content is King and a landing page is Queen. I thought Jeff Jarvis might add that Conversation is the Kingdom.
    From conversion to conversation.



    acquisition cost comparison

    More or less the same presentation I’ve found elsewhere: PDF (or view in HTML).

    More in context in Japanese こちら

    Here is even nicer presentation I’ve found: Blogs, Search, and the changing media landscape (in PDF). View in HTML (I recommend!, much faster though less nicer).